Inexpensive SEO – No Such Thing!

Detroit Tigers SEO FANSEO is Like The Detroit Tigers Baseball Team  – If your looking for high search engine rankings you have to pay. Can you really achieve your ranking goals by going the cheapest route – who sells cheap SEO services that gains results? Most reputable SEO companies charge properly for their services, if your getting a price that is way below what you have been quoted before – your probably asking an amateur to SEO rank your website. SEO Bargain basement prices are always offered to local small businesses by SEO hobbyist or shady SEO companies because they know small mom & pop shops are cheap and don’t have much of an advertising budget.

Fly by night marketers will gladly take your money and deliver no results – your better off throwing your money down a toilet and flushing it good bye than to hire a bargain basement SEO company. A great SEO company will charge $750 on up to $10,000 depending on your industry and competition. They will ask for a signed monthly agreement for up-to 12 months and ask for a setup fee or retainer fee. This is what you should expect from a reputable SEO company. Low cost SEO work will gain you low rankings – very minimal work on your website and no other quality services you’ll be lucky if someone answers your phone call after your check clears.

Budget SEO providers promise the world and deliver nothing, SEO buyer beware! A lot of these types use automated software, over seas seo providers, black hat consultants , link farms or all of the above. All these type of techniques are out dated and easy now for your website to get penalized by the search engines every
changing and upgrading algorithms.

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Reasons You Should Hire An SEO Consultant

Reasons You Should Hire An SEO Consultant

Every-time you turn around it seems that someone is advertising SEO services to businesses. Many Business owners wonder if it’s imperative that they need professional SEO services or should they do it theme-selves. Traffic on the internet – search engine traffic that is makes up 85% of all available traffic online – so needless to say search engine optimization is very important.

However would it be beneficial for you the business owner to attempt to do SEO on your own or hire a professional SEO consultant or company? This for some is a valid point – however consider the following reason why you the business owner shouldn’t even consider doing SEO for yourself.

Proper SEO Takes Time

SEO takes a great amount of time to do properly and to see results. Linking strategies, research, citations and directory submissions along with the analyzing of your website pages alone are painstakingly time consuming to say the least. Do you as a business owner the head of your company really have time to do this? Do you have the necessary skills – granted you could acquire them but at what cost? What is your time worth? Will other parts of your business suffer while your trying to learn SEO? What makes you think you will be successful even if you do acquire some knowledge of search engine optimization? Will your efforts bear fruit? A professional SEO Consultant has the experience and dedicated time to work on your project.

Writing Website Copy & Articles

You may have hired a WEB design firm to create your website – for the most part these folks are artist and graphic designers the structure, layout and content of the website is runner up to the beautification process they go through to make your website look pretty – Web Designers are not Professional SEO experts like the folks at SEO Scottsdale. Most Web Designers will write content as an after thought. Awesome Graphics and colorful layouts make your website appealing however it is the content that keeps visitors coming back – and it is the way your site is structured, the topic of your pages that the search engines spiders comeback and index your website that determines where you will rank for the search term typed in by the consumer.For these two simple reasons alone you as a business owner should look to hiring a Professional SEO Services Company like SEO Phoenix.